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BE MINDFUL OF THE GAP ….between Your Mind and Your Body


Ever wonder why people tell you to just take a deep breath and relax?  Or, how about being told that you can improve things in your life if you just put your mind to it. The mind body connection is a strong one, and the source of great healing and strength.  Think about it.  Most likely you can recall a time where you drifted into your own trance just by imagining you were somewhere else, doing something else; and then the phone rings and you awake to realize that you are still at the office and not on some remote beach sipping on a Pina Colada.  You still have to pick the kids up from school, make dinner and do laundry. But if you pay close attention next time, you will notice that when you wake from this heightened state of awareness you were less anxious, and more relaxed.  Practicing Mindfulness, Mediation and Hypnosis can create a state of physical and psychological well-being with long lasting effects.  

Children have an even greater ability to benefit from these heightened states of awareness.  It is no accident that children have been encouraged to play pretend. They have a very powerful ability to self-regulate their behavior, far faster than adults. With the help of an imaginary friend they can creatively solve problems together.  Children can take magic carpet rides to relax, or learn better eating habits through creating elaborate dishes made out of clay; they even can get better grades in school by imagining they are the Wizard of the class (hat and all). It just takes a skilled parent to help learn Guided Imagery and Imaginative Scripting or Dream Messaging   to lead the way into their subconscious minds.  Alpha, Beta and Delta brain waves hold the key to accessing a child’s subconscious mind. It’s not really brain surgery, but  it is knowing  when your child’s mind is most open to positive thoughts and loving messages.  Just as parents are so concerned about what they feed their child  and what goes into their bodies, they need to be just as aware and conscientious about nourishing their minds with healthy thoughts. They will eat better, sleep better, be less fearful and have greater self-confidence.  Peaceful Parents can create Chilled Children.  It’s a recipe for success.  Imagine that!