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Hypnosis Reduces Children’s Exposure to Stress


There is plenty of proof that mellow moms (and dads) create chilled children. The challenge here is how to relax in the midst of constant chaos. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)  just published resarch finding that childhood stress can impact adult health and behavioral problems.   Most parents don’t have the luxury of daily spa treatments, and let’s face it; drinking wine before  noon can be tempting to some but  it is certainly not the answer. Learning to use self-hypnosis is a safe alternative to staying calm and providing your child with a stress free environment. Through hypnosis parents can allow their  subconscious mind to recognize those triggers for stress and then allows them to eliminate negative and unhealthy responses without even thinking about it. This will protect your child from having to even see, hear  or feel your stress. Just like second hand smoke, sharing your stress with your child is not only killing you; it’s killing your kid’s chances for health and happiness. So, take a deep breathe.. close your eyes and imagine a place that you can escape to in your mind. Somewhere with no worries, no cares, someplace to relax and rest.  As an experienced hypnotherapist, I can attest to the power that hypnosis has in  allowing parents to  escape the chaos without ever leaving the house.