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Parent’s Stress Can be Toxic to Their Child’s Brain


Parents encourage their children to share with others. Most know that children learn from example. But what they don’t know is  what they are sharing with their children can sometimes be dangerous. I am talking about the toxic effects of household stress on children. The CDC just came out with research that measures toxic effects on brain development in early childhood. Brain development can be stunted resulting in smaller brain size. Even stress hormones such as cortisol can affect the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Parents are so careful to feed their children the right vegetables, and check labels for chemicals that can harm them, but maybe they need to start checking their own stress levels and reducing the stress their children are too exposed to. If your children’s exposure is high, it would be wise to reduce their toxic levels. Through pre-sleep suggestions parents can actually use bedtime story time to create scripts that will  guide their children’s dreams. This imaginative scripting is becoming quite popular with the parents whose children suffer from anxiety. Imagine your child dreaming about being loved, feeling safe, being successful…..It sure beats having them dreaming about three blind mice!