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Sleeping Babies Are A Dream


I am telling you that with training, you can stare your infant right in the eye and tell them to go to sleep. Sounds like I am kidding, but it works. Forget the rock bye baby stuff, especially if you are not American Idol’s next winner. Your infant would prefer your natural voice, given it is calm, rhythmic and repetitive. For many new parents getting their newborns to sleep is a nightmare. Eventually you can get your baby to  learn to focus on certain  words, and develop eye contact needed to put them out like a light.  Science tells us that focusing on an object will naturally make eyelids heavy, and will make babies (or anyone) want to close their eyes. Once your baby’s eyes are closed they can concentrate on other stimuli around them – especially if it is a soft and calming voice.  After working with older children, I am now working with newborns that react the same way to the soothing repetitive words and eye contact. They fall asleep fast! A tip for new parents who have not slept for nights: Let someone other than yourself put your baby to sleep at fussy times, so that the anxiety you feel doesn’t transfer to your child.