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Meditation Can Help Children With Autism Breathe Easy


Meditation is fast becoming the “new” way to keep kids calm, and is showing promise as a treatment for helping children with autism. With its 900 year history, it is hard to describe meditation as something “new” – but the emerging practice of using meditation as a new treatment for those suffering with autism disorder is new (and exciting). Transcendental Meditation is an effective tool for managing high stress levels and improving overall health, as shown by than 340 peer-reviewed studies conducted at research centers including Harvard, UCLA, and Stanford. Mindfulness Meditation can also prove beneficial as it allows children with autism to better handle sensory input. Dr. Norman Rosenthal and Dr. David Black of the National Institute for Mental Health are conducting research as to the benefits.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are often stressed by interactions with others, and their lives characterized by anxiety, stress, depression, emotional outbursts, and sleep issues. Because of the emotional processing challenges for people with autism spectrum disorders, a quiet focused mind in a meditative state reinforces portions of the brain that can help learn and process emotions and in particular, compassion.

Right now there is also no effective medication for autism. Twenty minutes a day meditating with your child can promote peace and emotional growth and a nurturing environment. By doing mindfulness meditative exercises. Children with autism may be able to deepen their brain’s capacity for processing and understanding emotions, bond with others and achieve things they could never imagine!