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Hypnosis Can Make You A Star

Celebrities like Tiger Woods, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher; and geniuses like Mozart, and Albert Einstein have used hypnosis to overcome personal challenges or excel in their professional lives. You really have to put your mind to being a high achiever. Academic success, career success and even sports success requires concentration and attention. Imagine being able to fully concentrate on what you are doing with no distraction. The results and benefits are amazing. If you could just close your eyes and picture yourself performing better, and reaching your goals – wouldn’t you want to?  Hypnosis allows your conscious mind to ignore all distraction and permits your subconscious mind to focus on one particular thing at time. Practicing self-hypnosis Hypnosis can create this powerful connection between you mind and body.  Don’t think otherwise. Believe me hypnosis works.

Hypnosis Reduces Children’s Exposure to Stress

There is plenty of proof that mellow moms (and dads) create chilled children. The challenge here is how to relax in the midst of constant chaos. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)  just published resarch finding that childhood stress can impact adult health and behavioral problems.   Most parents don’t have the luxury of daily spa treatments, and let’s face it; drinking wine before  noon can be tempting to some but  it is certainly not the answer. Learning to use self-hypnosis is a safe alternative to staying calm and providing your child with a stress free environment. Through hypnosis parents can allow their  subconscious mind to recognize those triggers for stress and then allows them to eliminate negative and unhealthy responses without even thinking about it. This will protect your child from having to even see, hear  or feel your stress. Just like second hand smoke, sharing your stress with your child is not only killing you; it’s killing your kid’s chances for health and happiness. So, take a deep breathe.. close your eyes and imagine a place that you can escape to in your mind. Somewhere with no worries, no cares, someplace to relax and rest.  As an experienced hypnotherapist, I can attest to the power that hypnosis has in  allowing parents to  escape the chaos without ever leaving the house.

Parent’s Stress Can be Toxic to Their Child’s Brain

Parents encourage their children to share with others. Most know that children learn from example. But what they don’t know is  what they are sharing with their children can sometimes be dangerous. I am talking about the toxic effects of household stress on children. The CDC just came out with research that measures toxic effects on brain development in early childhood. Brain development can be stunted resulting in smaller brain size. Even stress hormones such as cortisol can affect the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Parents are so careful to feed their children the right vegetables, and check labels for chemicals that can harm them, but maybe they need to start checking their own stress levels and reducing the stress their children are too exposed to. If your children’s exposure is high, it would be wise to reduce their toxic levels. Through pre-sleep suggestions parents can actually use bedtime story time to create scripts that will  guide their children’s dreams. This imaginative scripting is becoming quite popular with the parents whose children suffer from anxiety. Imagine your child dreaming about being loved, feeling safe, being successful…..It sure beats having them dreaming about three blind mice!

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight LossPeople all over Europe have been saying for years that Virtual Gastric Banding really works to lose weight, and to keep it off. Yesterday, Dr. Oz put that same idea in the minds of millions of Americans.  For most of us it is hard to wrap our brain around anything that we don’t understand. So  let me explain how hypnosis can help virtually anyone lose weight.

Virtual Gastric Banding involves an initial hypnosis session where the person will be guided into a deep relaxed state of hypnosis, and is taken through the simulated surgery.  The patient returns for a series of several regular follow up visits to provide additional emotional support and provide the opportunity for suggestions to be re-enforced and enhanced in order to provide additional effectiveness and continued weight loss. Suggestion and visualization are two of several hypnotic techniques that can be used by a qualified Hypnotherapist to recreate the physical benefits of Gastric Banding without all the potential side effects. The person feels as though they have really been through the actual surgical procedure, and the reduction in weight is often quite profound. The follow up sessions may also include hypnotic adjustments to the band in order to slow down or enhance the weight loss depending on the progress. As an individual continues to lose weight they begin to permanently adjust their thinking about food, and continue to adjust their belt buckle!

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BE MINDFUL OF THE GAP ….between Your Mind and Your Body

Ever wonder why people tell you to just take a deep breath and relax?  Or, how about being told that you can improve things in your life if you just put your mind to it. The mind body connection is a strong one, and the source of great healing and strength.  Think about it.  Most likely you can recall a time where you drifted into your own trance just by imagining you were somewhere else, doing something else; and then the phone rings and you awake to realize that you are still at the office and not on some remote beach sipping on a Pina Colada.  You still have to pick the kids up from school, make dinner and do laundry. But if you pay close attention next time, you will notice that when you wake from this heightened state of awareness you were less anxious, and more relaxed.  Practicing Mindfulness, Mediation and Hypnosis can create a state of physical and psychological well-being with long lasting effects.  

Children have an even greater ability to benefit from these heightened states of awareness.  It is no accident that children have been encouraged to play pretend. They have a very powerful ability to self-regulate their behavior, far faster than adults. With the help of an imaginary friend they can creatively solve problems together.  Children can take magic carpet rides to relax, or learn better eating habits through creating elaborate dishes made out of clay; they even can get better grades in school by imagining they are the Wizard of the class (hat and all). It just takes a skilled parent to help learn Guided Imagery and Imaginative Scripting or Dream Messaging   to lead the way into their subconscious minds.  Alpha, Beta and Delta brain waves hold the key to accessing a child’s subconscious mind. It’s not really brain surgery, but  it is knowing  when your child’s mind is most open to positive thoughts and loving messages.  Just as parents are so concerned about what they feed their child  and what goes into their bodies, they need to be just as aware and conscientious about nourishing their minds with healthy thoughts. They will eat better, sleep better, be less fearful and have greater self-confidence.  Peaceful Parents can create Chilled Children.  It’s a recipe for success.  Imagine that!