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Migraine Headaches Are A “Real” Pain for Suffers

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating and depressing. Each day suffers face many battles that often make their symptoms worse. They often fight perceptions that their headaches are “made up in their heads” which only adds to the stress of their illness. The pounding, stabbing or throbbing aches in their head prevents headache suffers from working, socializing, and daily activities. The National Institute of Health reviewed several studies on hypnosis, concluding that it’s effective with some chronic pain, including tension headaches.

Yes, migraines are really a pain in the neck to live with. But validating that pain is real and is something that your mind creates can be healing. Migraine headaches are something your mind can control. The trick is to stop the pain before it stops you for moving on with your life. Often times individuals who suffer from migraine headaches feel that traditional medication does not relieve their symptoms –or they sometimes suffer adverse side effects. Current research has shown that hypnosis is a universally successful tool for as a pain management. Migraine sufferers learn to decrease the frequency and intensity of their headaches using self- and facilitated-hypnosis, mediation and guided imagery techniques.

During the CBS news segment Researchers Dr. Dara Jamieson, director of the Headache Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, said studies show hypnosis can be beneficial in managing headaches, but it’s not a proven cure. The first step in treatment is identifying the unique triggers that individuals experience prior to the migraine. Once the patient and the hypnotherapist understand what a migraine feels like specifically to that person, what triggers its attacks, and other associated symptoms it is then that the hypnotherapist can make suggestions to be used to control the body’s functions and responses. Hypnosis may not be a cure, but it does reduce the frequency and intensity of pain.

Hypnosis is highly effective in the treatment of chronic migraine headaches. Hypnotic methods appear to be superior to standard treatment relying on pharmacological approaches alone. Patients treated with Hypnosis had a significant reduction in severity and the number of attacks compared to a control group treated with traditional medications References:
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Every Parent’s Dream Can Become Their Worst Nightmare

Every parent’s dream is to have a happy and healthy child. But if parents ignore the obvious they may awaken one day to a living nightmare. Just ask the parents of Columbine, Sandy Hook and University of California students. It takes more to raise a healthy child than having them eat right, exercise and become educated. Health is often mistaken for wellness – which is defined as “a condition of good physical, mental and emotional health, especially when maintained by an appropriate diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications”. It is the lack of attention to mental and emotional health of children that can lead to violence and suicide, which devastates both families and communities.

Most parents are skilled at mind reading but do not use it often enough. You know when you call home from work and your child has said “yes” – but really has not finished their homework, or cleaned up their room. Check your child’s response to stress and look for the obvious: changes in appetite or sleep, social withdrawal, change in friends, signs of being upset such as sadness or tearfulness, and irritability. Mass murderers tend to have a history of pent-up frustration and failures, are socially isolated and vengeful, blaming others for their unhappiness, experts say.

“They all display deluded thinking and a lot of rage about feeling so marginalized,” James Garbarino, a professor of psychology at Loyola University Chicago, said in an email.

Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, a leading expert on severe mental illness, told “60 Minutes” in 2013 that many mass killings turn out to be committed by mentally ill people who were not receiving treatment. “About half of these mass killings are being done by people with severe mental illness, mostly schizophrenia. And if they were being treated, they would’ve been preventable,” he said.

Meditation Can Help Children With Autism Breathe Easy

Meditation is fast becoming the “new” way to keep kids calm, and is showing promise as a treatment for helping children with autism. With its 900 year history, it is hard to describe meditation as something “new” – but the emerging practice of using meditation as a new treatment for those suffering with autism disorder is new (and exciting). Transcendental Meditation is an effective tool for managing high stress levels and improving overall health, as shown by than 340 peer-reviewed studies conducted at research centers including Harvard, UCLA, and Stanford. Mindfulness Meditation can also prove beneficial as it allows children with autism to better handle sensory input. Dr. Norman Rosenthal and Dr. David Black of the National Institute for Mental Health are conducting research as to the benefits.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are often stressed by interactions with others, and their lives characterized by anxiety, stress, depression, emotional outbursts, and sleep issues. Because of the emotional processing challenges for people with autism spectrum disorders, a quiet focused mind in a meditative state reinforces portions of the brain that can help learn and process emotions and in particular, compassion.

Right now there is also no effective medication for autism. Twenty minutes a day meditating with your child can promote peace and emotional growth and a nurturing environment. By doing mindfulness meditative exercises. Children with autism may be able to deepen their brain’s capacity for processing and understanding emotions, bond with others and achieve things they could never imagine!

Sleeping Babies Are A Dream

I am telling you that with training, you can stare your infant right in the eye and tell them to go to sleep. Sounds like I am kidding, but it works. Forget the rock bye baby stuff, especially if you are not American Idol’s next winner. Your infant would prefer your natural voice, given it is calm, rhythmic and repetitive. For many new parents getting their newborns to sleep is a nightmare. Eventually you can get your baby to  learn to focus on certain  words, and develop eye contact needed to put them out like a light.  Science tells us that focusing on an object will naturally make eyelids heavy, and will make babies (or anyone) want to close their eyes. Once your baby’s eyes are closed they can concentrate on other stimuli around them – especially if it is a soft and calming voice.  After working with older children, I am now working with newborns that react the same way to the soothing repetitive words and eye contact. They fall asleep fast! A tip for new parents who have not slept for nights: Let someone other than yourself put your baby to sleep at fussy times, so that the anxiety you feel doesn’t transfer to your child.

Hypnosis Can Make You A Star

Celebrities like Tiger Woods, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher; and geniuses like Mozart, and Albert Einstein have used hypnosis to overcome personal challenges or excel in their professional lives. You really have to put your mind to being a high achiever. Academic success, career success and even sports success requires concentration and attention. Imagine being able to fully concentrate on what you are doing with no distraction. The results and benefits are amazing. If you could just close your eyes and picture yourself performing better, and reaching your goals – wouldn’t you want to?  Hypnosis allows your conscious mind to ignore all distraction and permits your subconscious mind to focus on one particular thing at time. Practicing self-hypnosis Hypnosis can create this powerful connection between you mind and body.  Don’t think otherwise. Believe me hypnosis works.