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Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight LossPeople all over Europe have been saying for years that Virtual Gastric Banding really works to lose weight, and to keep it off. Yesterday, Dr. Oz put that same idea in the minds of millions of Americans.  For most of us it is hard to wrap our brain around anything that we don’t understand. So  let me explain how hypnosis can help virtually anyone lose weight.

Virtual Gastric Banding involves an initial hypnosis session where the person will be guided into a deep relaxed state of hypnosis, and is taken through the simulated surgery.  The patient returns for a series of several regular follow up visits to provide additional emotional support and provide the opportunity for suggestions to be re-enforced and enhanced in order to provide additional effectiveness and continued weight loss. Suggestion and visualization are two of several hypnotic techniques that can be used by a qualified Hypnotherapist to recreate the physical benefits of Gastric Banding without all the potential side effects. The person feels as though they have really been through the actual surgical procedure, and the reduction in weight is often quite profound. The follow up sessions may also include hypnotic adjustments to the band in order to slow down or enhance the weight loss depending on the progress. As an individual continues to lose weight they begin to permanently adjust their thinking about food, and continue to adjust their belt buckle!

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Dr. Oz Is All Talk When It Comes to Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Virtual Gastric Band SurgeryOn his show today, Dr. Oz will be talking about tricking your mind into losing weight through believing that you have had Gastric Band Surgery. Dr. Oz can talk about the surgery which he believes is very effective but I actually perform this Virtual Gastric Band Surgery in my New York City and Fairfield County office every day.  Hypnosis is not a trick, but rather a scientifically proven method of creating physical relaxation and heightened concentration of the mind to help you gain more control over your behavior, emotions or physical well-being. This non-surgical technique uses the power of hypnosis to replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric banding. Virtual Gastric Band Surgery involves hypnosis sessions where the person will be guided into a deep relaxed state of hypnosis, and is taken through the simulated surgery.Don’t worry; this will be painless and actually pleasant.

Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy has been performed for years in the UK and Europe and is becoming very popular with people who have a desire to reduce their weight, but feel reluctant to undergo an invasive surgical procedure such as the Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass. Imagine getting the same benefits but without drugs, anesthesia or a hospital visit.

Admit it, we have lied to ourselves before and have most likely been successful in making ourselves believe things that we want to believe are true. So, why not use the same thought process for the good. Don’t be afraid that hypnosis will make you a Zombie, but be positive that it will make you skinny!

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