The Meditation Experience

Located in New Fairfield, Connecticut in a tranquil wooded setting, The Meditation Experience provides individuals the opportunity to withdraw and turn inward, away from the world of ordinary everyday demands, pressures and responsibilities. A perfect setting for personal exploration, clarity, relaxation, personal growth, deepening insights and replenishment.

Through the use of both traditional and alternative therapies such as: meditation, yoga and energy healing individuals can begin to resolve a wide range of issues: relationships, health, career, personal development, a sense of meaninglessness, lack of purpose, challenges of aging, coping with emotions, anxiety, or depression. The goal the Mediation Experience is to replenish and rejuvenate physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally.

The Mediation Experience happens 50 miles outside of New York City, and is easily accessible by train and car; as are Boston and Philadelphia. Westchester County Airport provides easy access for both private and commercial air travel and is located only 45 minutes from the Retreat Center.